About Annie Koehlinger

Annie Koehlinger

Annie Koehlinger hopes to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies

As a graduate of Illinois Virtual School, College Prep, Annie Koehlinger is proudly attending a college for the culinary arts. She Plans on pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies because she is passionate about culinary arts. Annie Koehlinger hopes to launch her career shortly after college by operating her own restaurant business and becoming a master chef. Although she will be learning the art of cooking for the first time, Annie Koehlinger will combine professional culinary training with economics in order to pursue her dream. Luckily, she is no stranger to entrepreneurship.

After school let out for the summer one year, Annie Koehlinger and her parents left their suburb in Chicago, Illinois to spend a quiet vacation at their family’s lake house. Annie Koehlinger kept herself busy during this summer by creating and selling pieces of unique handmade jewelry. At first she did this just for fun, but as business started to pick up she enjoyed the interaction with interested buyers and automatically gained an appreciation for entrepreneurship. From that day on, Annie Koehlinger has maintained her entrepreneurial spirit and hopes to build on this business experience after college.

Many entrepreneurs who own a restaurant either have a sophisticated business education or were once enrolled in a culinary arts program where they acquired their certification. These programs further educate students about culinary artistry and scientific understanding of food. In order for Annie Koehlinger to become a potential restaurant owner and chef, she is required to attend a two or four year institution that will teach her integral managerial and leadership skills. She also hopes to complete an internship or apprenticeship to gain experience working in a hands-on environment.

Annie Koehlinger was recently given an opportunity that reinforced her passion for culinary arts. Her parents surprised her with a trip to Paris, France, the most popular city of food culture in the world. While she was there, Annie Koehlinger got to taste authentic French cuisine in upscale Parisian restaurants such as the Capella Pedregal. She also got to indulge in fresh seafood at the Seaside Restaurant and see the head chef in action.

As an aspiring chef and dedicated business woman, Annie Koehlinger continues displaying her entrepreneurial spirit and strong passion for culinary arts with the hopes of one day establishing her own restaurant.

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